DAY #30: A Modified “NaNoWriMo” Challenge (Write 15 Minutes of Garbage Every Day)

Day 30.  OMG.  I’ve had so much fun that I don’t want this to stop…..  As I’ve said in other posts, I’m going to continue to write this story about Charlie Weaver and blatantly follow the stereotypical young adult fantasy story patterns.  I think the story needs a “Luke Skywalker” moment, so here goes:

After the last monster disappeared, Paw Paw Joe and I stumbled into the empty museum cafe.  I pulled out a seat at the first table we saw.  He gratefully sank into it.  I ran to the counter and grabbed a pile of napkins.  Paw Paw Joe lifted his jacket.  I could see the blood from where the demon’s sword pierced him.

“We need to get you to the hospital,” I said, pressing the napkins to the gaping wound.  The injury was worse than I thought.

He winced slightly, before shaking his head.  “No.  There’s no time.  I’ll be okay.  I just need a few moments.”

“A few moments,” I said, frowning at him.  He was acting like this was a paper cut.  “This is serious.  You need a doctor.”

Paw Paw actually laughed, before gasping in pain.  “Charlie, no doctor in this realm can save me from this,” he said, chuckling.  His breathing was getting raspy.  I wasn’t sure if the blood loss was affecting his mind.

“Okay, Paw Paw.  No arguing.  Let’s get you to the hospital,” I muttered, placing one of Paw Paw’s arms around my neck.  When I lifted him to his feet, Paw Paw cried out.

“Boy, let me be,” Paw Paw said softly, pushing me away.  He sank back down onto the seat  “If you just leave me alone for a few moments, I’ll be fine.”  I started to protest, he help up his hand.  “Enough,” he said more resolutely.  The severity of his tone startled me.  When I stared into his face, I swear I watched his blue eyes turn brown.

He closed his eyes and started breathing deeply.  Like he was doing yoga or something.  I’m not sure why, but I remained silent.  There was something about his rhythmic breathing that captivated my attention.  My skin tingled as the air hummed with an energy that I didn’t understand.  After what seemed like an eternity, Paw Paw opened his eyes and smiled at me.  “There.  That should hold me until we get you out of here.”

“What are you talking about?” I managed to ask, struggling to keep my eyelids open.  My words were slurred.  It felt as if I had been rudely woken up from deep slumber.  I just wanted to crawl under the table and go back to sleep.

Paw Paw grinned at me, and held his coat open.  He pushed the tatters of his shirt to one side so that I could get a better look.  His wound had closed off completely.  The only thing remaining was a large, jagged scab.

“Yeah, I know it isn’t pretty.  But that’s the best I could do under the circumstances,” Paw Paw said as he stood up and stretched.  I watched him twist his torso from one side to the other, without any evidence of pain.  “We need to get out of here.”

I just stared at him, speechless.  Paw Paw looked at least two or three decades younger than he did a few minutes earlier.  His gray hair was dark, his pale, leathery skin was tawny and supple, and his blue eyes were definitely brown.  I did a double-take and gaped when I realized that I was facing a completely different man.

“Who are you?”  I whispered in horror.  Had the demon’s sword infected him?  Had the attack changed him into something else?  “You’re not Paw Paw Joe.”

“No, I’m not.  I mean, I was, but not really,” the man who was called Paw Paw Joe smiled at me.  “I’ve never really been Paw Paw Joe.  It was just a ruse.  My real name is Vyasa.”  He knelt before me.  “You are my ward.  I vowed to protect you with my life, Sire.”

“Sire?” I repeated, feeling lightheaded.  Now it was my turn to plop down on the chair.  “Why did you just call me that?  And protect me from what?”

“Those creatures that attacked us,” Paw Paw started.  He waited for me to nod before he continued.  “They’re called Asuras.”  At my confused look, he elaborated.  “I guess you might call them demons in this realm.”

“But I don’t understand,” I said, shaking my head in confusion.  “What do they want with me?”

“Well,” Paw Paw Joe, or Vyasa, or whatever his name, was said slowly.  “You’re a Deva, Charlie.”

“A Deva?”  I repeated, as I racked my brains, trying to determine if I had ever heard of that word before.  It sounded familiar, but I just couldn’t place it.  “Like, a god?”

“Humans,” Paw Paw Joe sighed, shaking his head.  “They always have to make things so black and white.”  He placed a hand on my shoulder and tilted his head in the direction of the Asian art display.  “Sire, I would tell you everything if I could, but we have to get moving.  More of them are coming.”

“But,” I protested.  I didn’t want to go anywhere without knowing what was going on.  “Why do you keep calling me Sire?”

“I’m sorry, Sire, but the Asuras know of your existence now,” he said.  The concern on his face was obvious.  “They’ll send more warriors.  I’ll need help to protect you.”

My mind was in turmoil.  I only know part of what was going on, and I could barely understand it.  Who would believe us enough to help?  “Where are we going?”

“To find your father,” he replied quietly.

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