Day 7 of 30: Write 15 Minutes of Absurdity

Well, it’s been a few days since I wrote anything.  Life, holidays and sick little children have a way of stopping me from writing.  But I wanted to get back into the groove of things, even if this will be short.  I’m jumping back to the aftermath of the fight in “Big Bucks.”  Charie Weaver lost consciousness.  He’s about to wake up.  Here goes:

A loud noise cut through the blackness.  I struggled to open my eyes, but my lids felt heavy.  A hand rested gently on my head.  I could feel soft breathe whisper across my cheek.  “Play dead.”

I knew that voice.  I wanted to move, but lay still.  It was coming back to me.  That voice belonged to the girl behind the counter.  The one with the dark hair and golden eyes.  Kelli.

The last image in my mind was her lying sprawled across the floor.  Alive but unconscious.  I was supposed to help her escape from the lunatic who attacked her.  And there was something about Paw Paw.  He had been helping another hooded stranger.  A woman who had helped me.

I heard another crash.  Unable to restrain myself, I opened my eyes.  The tiny sliver startled me.  Maybe I was still unconscious.

The sight that greeted me couldn’t be real.  Kelli was sitting on the back of the hooded stranger.  She was smashing his head repeatedly into the ground.  After a few minutes, he lay still.

I blinked, trying to clear the mist from my eyes.  None of this made sense.  Kelli pulled the hood back from the stranger.  She yanked something from the back of his neck and slipped it into her pocket.

I thought it was a necklace, but couldn’t be sure.  Paw Paw called out to her.  “Here,” he said and threw something in the air.  It looked like a knife.  “Send him back.  It will give us some time.”

She caught it easily, before turning him over and plunging it into his chest.  Stunned, I watched to the floor, expecting to see blood.  But there was nothing.  The stranger vanished.  When Kelli stood up, there were empty clothes beneath her feet.

“Did you get it?” Paw Paw asked Kelli.  When Kelli nodded, Paw Paw gestured for her to walk over to him.  The hooded woman was lying on the floor beside him.  “Put the necklace on.  It will help you.”

Kelli slipped the stranger’s necklace over her head.  I continued to lie on the floor, but craned my head to watch.  She knelt beside Paw Paw.  Both of them placed their hands on the woman’s chest and closed their eyes.  Their breathing changed.

I closed my eyes too.  The hairs on my arm stood up as the air around us hummed.  It was the same thing that happened when the hooded woman healed me.  Only this time, she was the one who needed help.


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