Do You Have TRUE GRIT? If Not, 7 Ways To Get It

Another fantastic post by Kristen Lamb. What she writes has been accurate in my life, as an engineer, a marketing professional AND now as a writer. Write down your goals, believe in them, work for them and THEY WILL HAPPEN. My latest example is Scary Mommy. I wrote down at the beginning of summer that I wanted to write for Scary Mommy (a large parenting website – over 1.4 million followers.) After SIX rejections, they finally accepted my 7th submission in October and published my FIRST article. Last week, they published a SECOND article. So dream big, and work hard. You can do it!!!!

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In my tenure in this profession it is sad how many truly talented writers I’ve seen who never made it. The reason? Talent is useless without mental toughness. It takes true grit to make it in this business.

Too many writers are simply not going to make it because they don’t have the sticking power. And while this is an easy observation to make, I am here to do more than point out the obvious. I’m here to give some practical ways to improve psychological toughness, get better at being disciplined, and eat goals and deadlines for breakfast (they have ZERO calories, btw).

Relax and enjoy the holidays. Refueling is vital. Bookmark this. Let it soak in and then be ready to act come January 1st. These tips work for anything you want to accomplish, btw.


Seven Tips for True Grit

One—Set Goals

No really and don’t roll your…

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