Day 2: ANOTHER Self-Imposed 30-Day Writing Challenge

Day 2.  I admit that my writing wheels need greasing.  I’m drawing a blank on what to write for this post.  I’d like to do something with this “Sanctimommy” character, but I’m struggling with the next location.  There’s a bunch of stuff she can do, but what is the best venue?  As I learned last year, the only way for me to overcome writer’s block is to write my way through it.  So, let’s try something and see if it works.  Here goes:

A Tuesday With SanctiMommy

On Tuesday morning, I took my scale baby, Finn, to the park.  He loves watching other children take risks on the playground.  We found a bench under a shady tree where he could watch them.  While he swished around in his bowl, I pulled out my first aid kit.  I wanted to be ready in case any child with unprepared parents had an accident.  I already had my eye on one reckless little boy.  He was climbing up to the top of the slide and then coming back down feet first, on his stomach.  I nearly said something, but a disheveled toddler caught my attention.

The first thing I noticed was her hair.  It looked terrible.  Not a headband or barrette in sight.  Without anything to rein in her crazy curls, the little girl appeared as if she had tunneled her way out of a cat shelter.  She made a few useless attempts to push the hair out of her face, but continued to stumble blindly around playground.  Just as I stood up, the girl suddenly bent over.  She placed her head and hands on the ground before extending her legs over her head.  I watched in horror as her dress fell from her knees to her head, revealing a cartoon pull-up.

I couldn’t believe it.  This wasn’t an all-girls playground.  Her chubby legs and sagging pull-up were indecent.  Where were her modesty shorts?  What kind of mother allows her toddler girl to reveal all of her baby bits to the viewing public?  This little girl continued to giggle and roll on the ground, flashing both little boys on the playground.  I rifled through my bag and quickly pulled out a pair of shorts.  They were actually for a toddler boy, but this was an emergency.  They would have to suffice.


I normally like to post more “polished” posts, but I wanted to make sure that I post something every day, for 30 days.  I know myself.  If I wait to polish up this post, then nothing will get written for another week.  So, I’m putting an unfinished thought out there.

I’ll be honest.  I’m kind of embarrassed.  But I’m just not feeling this one tonight.  Maybe it’s because I’m writing this late at night.  (It’s nearly midnight.)

I’m sorry if I let you readers down with this post, but I promised to be real on this blog.  This post is just not working for me tonight, but at least I put something down on screen.  Writing, even crappy writing, begets writing.

I will try again tomorrow.  And the day after that.  And the day after that.

Thank you for putting up with this……


6 thoughts on “Day 2: ANOTHER Self-Imposed 30-Day Writing Challenge

  1. Lisa R. Palmer says:

    Congratulations on pushing through this block, Taara! You’re doing great, so don’t give up. And, for the record, I find this post fascinating; seeing a writer’s process is often as interesting as seeing their finished product. 🙂

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      • Lisa R. Palmer says:

        Hmm… Interesting question…

        I’m a big believer in switching to other forms of creativity to get the words flowing again, with art and dance (especially) high on the list. Unfortunately, my physical disabilities prevent me from dancing anymore. But such diversions, and alternate expressions do not help if you are working on a deadline… lol

        If I’m trying to stay on schedule my “go-to” act is talking to myself out loud; I just pretend I’m telling someone a story of what actually happened. This shifts the focus to “remembering” the story, rather than “creating” it, and it usually just comes together. (Word of advice if you try this though: keep a voice recorder on while doing this! I have “lost” more great tales this way than any other, because I get so caught up in telling the story, that when I’m done, it’s done, and I can’t remember more than the roughest outline. Lol!)

        Good luck! 🙂

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