What Do I Say?: A Love Story (Part Three)

What do I say?  The small bridesmaid wondered nervously, as she held the cell phone to her ear.  Her trepidation grew with each ring.  When someone finally answered, she hesitated for a few moments before pouring out her feelings to the person on the other end.  It was a relief to finally say the words out loud.

What do I say?  The bridesmaid wondered, when her friend, the bride, proposed a plan.  A game night at the home of the new married couple.  Only a few people in the wedding party would be invited.  And, of course, the tallest groomsman would attend, since the bride would coordinate the party around his schedule.  The bridesmaid couldn’t think of a better opportunity for another casual encounter.  She reluctantly agreed to the bride’s suggestion.

What do I say?  The bridesmaid wondered, as she watched the newlyweds greet the tallest groomsman at the door.  He looked handsome in his navy blue sweater and jeans.  The bridesmaid looked down at her red top and black pants.  She wondered what he thought of her.  Was it obvious that the evening was a setup?  They were the only single people at the party.  How could she face him?  He probably thought that the entire evening was her idea.

What do I say?  The bridesmaid wondered, as the groomsman stretched out on the floor beside her.  He was even more wonderful than she remembered.  The games gradually helped her to overcome her initial shyness.  It was a fun night that ended too quickly.  She and the groomsman left the party at the same time, but they parted ways without making plans to see each other again.

What do I say?  The bridesmaid wondered, as she stared at the computer screen.  Why was she still pursuing this?  It was obvious that the groomsman didn’t reciprocate her interest.  He could have asked her out after the game night, but he hadn’t.  So, why couldn’t she let this go?  Frustrated by her insane need to try one last time, the bridesmaid sent the note and waited for his response.

What do I say?  The bridesmaid wondered, as she rifled through her purse in the restaurant parking lot.  With growing anxiety, she clutched a piece of paper like a lifeline.  This was the most important first date of her life.  Long silences were the enemy.  Preparation was key.  The bridesmaid studied the list of conversation topics as she walked towards the restaurant.  But all of her preparation flew out of her head when she saw the tall groomsman already sitting at the table.  After five hours of effortless conversation, he asked if he could see her again.  She said yes.

What do I say?  The bridesmaid wondered ten months later at his best friend’s wedding.  As the groomsman relayed childhood memories during the best man’s speech, he choked up with emotion.  The bridesmaid’s heart caught in her throat.  “I love you,” she told him that night after the reception.  He smiled back at her and said, “I love you too.”

What do I say?  The bridesmaid wondered, after returning home from a night out with friends.  She had been traveling for work and hadn’t seen her groomsman for a few days.  He wanted to stop by and see her.  The bridesmaid was completely caught off guard when he knelt down and asked her to spend the rest of her life with him.  After overcoming her disbelief and repeating “Are you serious?” several times, the bridesmaid said yes.

What do I say?  The bridesmaid wondered, as she shifted the long train of her dress.  She didn’t want to knock over the flaming candles on the altar or say the wrong words at the wrong time.  The priest asked her if she would take the tallest groomsman, now her groom, for her husband.  She looked into the hazel eyes of her future husband and remembered that night at another wedding.  I could spend the rest of my life with you.  Her happiness nearly robbed her of speech, but the right words finally came:  “Yes.  I do.”

TO THE READER:  This is a true story.  I am the bridesmaid who married this “shy” groomsman.  I plan on spending the rest of our lives together giving my husband grief over this…..  🙂  Thank you for reading our story!  NOTE:  If you missed the beginning of this story, here it is:  He’s Not My Type:  A Love Story (Part One).

Have you ever fallen in love?  Do you have a love story that you’d like to share?  Please tell me!  I’d love to hear about it!  It’s the perfect way to end the week on a happy note.

Let It Go: A Love Story (Part Two)

Let it go, the smallest bridesmaid told herself, on the morning after the wedding.  The tallest groomsman hadn’t asked for her phone number.  It wasn’t meant to be.  But as she sat up in bed, the bridesmaid couldn’t suppress a nagging thought.  Her feelings about the groomsman weren’t mistaken.  There was something between them.  She glanced at the clock beside her bed.  Maybe it wasn’t too late.

Let it go, the bridesmaid told herself, as she rushed to get ready.  Chasing him was foolish.  Didn’t she have any pride?  The groomsman should make the first move, but there was nothing wrong with casually bumping into him downstairs before he left.  The elevator’s descent to the hotel lobby took an eternity.  Heart pounding, she stepped onto the first floor and tried to appear nonchalant.  One glance around the lobby proved fruitless.  The tallest groomsman was nowhere to be seen.

Let it go, the bridesmaid told herself, as she pulled out of the parking lot.  He had left the hotel without saying goodbye to her.  She tried to shrug off the mantle of disappointment, but the drive home was long and uneventful.  There was too much time to brood over the events of the previous evening.  Her analytical mind scrutinized every glance and word that they had exchanged.  She arrived at a harsh conclusion.  It was one conversation at a wedding.  That was it.

Let it go, the bridesmaid told herself, on entering her quiet home.  The silence offered no refuge from her thoughts.  She sat down on the couch and pressed her face into her hands.  A range of inexplicable emotions threatened to overwhelm her.  She tried to squash them with common sense.  This was real life, not a movie.  No one fell in love with a stranger after one conversation.  So why did the thought of never seeing him again make her want to weep?

Let it go, the bridesmaid told herself, as the hours passed into days.  How was this infatuation different?  She had crashed and burned before.  With time, her broken heart had healed.  It would be the same again.  She would forget about that groomsman if she buried herself in work and school.  But as the days turned into weeks, she couldn’t stop wondering what life with the groomsman could have been.

Let it go, the bridesmaid told herself, as she stared at the number on her phone.  What was she thinking?  This was a very bad idea.  He was a stranger who didn’t reciprocate her feelings.  Maybe his heart belonged to someone else.  Her life was already complicated.  It wasn’t worth the risk.

Let it go, the bridesmaid thought, as her anxiety grew.  A few deep breathes did little to calm her nerves.  The cell phone felt like a brick in her hand.  She remembered his warm smile across the dance floor, those hazel eyes that changed color with what he wore, and the warmth of his shoulder when it brushed against hers in the limo.  “He has a heart of gold,” her friend had told her at the wedding.  “You two would be happy.”

I can’t let it go, the bridesmaid realized.  She hit the send button on her phone before lifting it to her ear.

TO THE READER:  If you want to find out what happens next, please check out What Do I Say?:  A Love Story (Part Three) for the conclusion.  Thank you for reading!

Have you ever had a gut feeling about someone?  Did that instinct make you say or do completely irrational things?  (Not in a scary stalker way….)  Were your instincts correct?  Please share your stories with me!

He’s Not My Type: A Love Story (Part One)


He’s not my type, the smallest bridesmaid thought to herself when the tallest groomsman stepped into the limo bus.  Her pulse quickened as he walked past the other empty seats to approach her in the back.  When the groomsman sat down in the seat beside her, she was very aware of his broad shoulder brushing against her bare one.

He’s not my type, the bridesmaid thought, casting a sidelong glance at him.  She shivered slightly in the black dress and pulled her flimsy wrap around herself.  The groomsman bore no resemblance to her ideal man.  His hair was too dark, his eyes weren’t blue, and he was too tall for her.  But she thought that he looked very handsome in his tuxedo.

He’s not my type, she thought, when his hazel eyes met her brown ones.  He smiled shyly at her and offered to hold the large veggie tray that was balanced precariously on her lap.  She gratefully accepted his help.  The groomsman wasn’t outgoing, but the bridesmaid found his calm demeanor strangely soothing.  They made small talk as the limo drove them around town for wedding pictures.

He’s not my type, the bridesmaid thought, as she entered the reception hall on the arm of the groomsman.  To her disappointment, they parted ways at dinner.  The groomsman was seated at a different table.  A small bubble of joy rose within her when he smiled at her from across the dance floor.  For a few seconds, time stood still.  The bridesmaid didn’t realize it, but her world shifted in that moment.

He’s not my type, the bridesmaid thought, when she agreed to meet him for a drink after the reception.  After helping the bride to clean up a few things in the reception room, she went back to her room to change.  Meeting the groomsman wasn’t a good idea.  The timing was all wrong.  She was already juggling work, school and her mother’s illness.  There was no room for anything else in her life.

He’s not my type, the bridesmaid thought, as she walked into the hotel bar.  To her chagrin, she found the groomsman talking with another girl.  With flaming cheeks, the bridesmaid contemplated leaving.  But some unknown force propelled her towards the pair.  “Am I interrupting anything?” the bridesmaid asked, raising one dark eyebrow.  The other girl took one look at the small, scowling bridesmaid and disappeared.

He’s not my type, she thought, when the groomsman smiled at her.  The bridesmaid was embarrassingly happy when he told her, “I didn’t think you were coming, but I’m glad you’re here.”  They walked back to the empty reception room and sat across from a large window overlooking the hotel garden.  Conversation flowed smoothly, but there was a momentary lull as they sipped their drinks.  As the groomsman looked out the window, the bridesmaid studied his profile.  Her heart fluttered as she experienced one singular moment of life-changing insight.

I could spend the rest of my life with you.

He’s not my type, the bridesmaid panicked, immediately dismissing the thought as absurd.  But she told him that it would be nice to see him again when they returned home.  She was disappointed when he didn’t respond by asking for her phone number.  They parted company without plans to see each other again.

He’s not my type, she told herself as walked back to her room.  Her shoulders were slumped in disappointment.  It didn’t matter that once her head hit the pillow, she dreamed of a life with him.  The whole situation was ridiculous.  She was just tired and stressed.

He’s not my type, she told herself the next morning when she woke up and realized that she had fallen in love with the tall groomsman.

TO THE READER:  If you want to find out what happens next, here is Let It Go:  A Love Story (Part Two).  Thank you for reading!

Have you ever fallen in love with a stranger?  Did it work out or do you still wonder about that person?  Please share your story!  I love to hear them!