Oh, Is Today Valentine’s Day?

Yeah, I know.  How unromantic.  But I’m in my forties with two small children.  I have a great husband whom I love dearly.  So, I don’t need candlelit dinners, moonlit beach walks or any grand sweeping gestures.  Maybe it’s awful, but this is what I really want this Valentine’s Day:

TIME ALONE:  This is what I asked my husband for Valentine’s Day.  I’m so excited, because today I have full hour to myself in a quiet house.  My toddler is napping and my husband took our son out.  I am sighing with contentment.  Life is good.

A HOT MEAL:  Eating reheated scraps from my children’s plates over the kitchen sink doesn’t count.  I’m talking about a hot, fresh meal that I can savor as soon as it’s ready.  I don’t even mind being the one to cook it.  As long as I can sit down and eat it without jumping up every two minutes because someone needs something, dropped something, threw something, or has to go potty.

A NAP:  My husband rocks.  He let me nap yesterday afternoon.  It was an awesome experience.  I expressed my gratitude by buying him cheesecake, because that’s how we roll in this house.  I may have to ask him for a nap for my birthday too.

TO READ AN ENTIRE BOOK:  This is a selfish request, because reading an entire book requires a few hours.  Unless it’s a comic book.  But I have a long queue of unread books sitting untouched on my Kindle.  I would love to spend an afternoon, drinking coffee, and reading books at Barnes and Noble.  Maybe this is my birthday gift request too.

CHOCOLATE:  This isn’t really a Valentine’s Day request.  It’s more like a daily staple.  But I can’t forget to add it to the list, lest I forget to eat chocolate today.  (NOTE:  Tomorrow is even better for chocolate, because it will all be on sale!  70% off!  Woo-hoo!)

HUGS AND KISSES FROM MY FAMILY:  Well, naturally I had to throw a sappy one onto this list!  There’s nothing in the world like feeling little arms wrapped around your neck and having wet kisses planted on your cheeks.  And hugs and kisses from my children and husband are good too.

Wishing you all a wonderful, chocolate-filled Valentine’s Day!